What's Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence is a system of models, methods, processes, people and tools which make the regular organized collection of the data assets generated by a company possible. Moreover, through processing, analysis or aggregation, they can be transformed into information, stored, searched and presented in a simple, flexible and effective form to become a support in strategic, tactical and operating decisions.

The Business Intelligence system therefore entails:

  • the collection of the company’s data assets
  • their cleaning, validation and integration
  • their subsequent processing, aggregation and analysis
  • the fundamental use of this bulk of information in decision-making processes

Business Intelligence: data processing

In Business Intelligence, the collection, integration, cleaning and validation stages for the data, as well as the aggregation procedures and the analytical calculation part, are carried out automatically; in fact, it is unthinkable to manually process the enormous bulk of data which, for some companies, describe the daily activity: for example, there could be millions of current account movements every day for a bank branch or there could be hundreds of thousands of receipts typed in a single day for a large distribution chain.

The applications of Business Intelligence

The areas of application for Business Intelligence are multiple, both as regards the economic sectors and the company context.
Some examples are:

  • Analysis of clientele by Area, Branch, Agent
  • Analysis of owned products and cross selling
  • Comparative analyses over different time periods
Management Control:
  • Margins analysis by Area, Branch, Agent
  • Profit and loss account by Area, Branch, Agent
  • Comparative analyses over different time periods
  • Analysis of sales by Area, Branch, Agent
  • Comparative analyses over different time periods
  • Margins
Human resources:
  • Analysis of working hours
  • Hourly costs
  • Analysis of costs and hours by Area, Branch, Organizational Unit, Employee
  • Comparative analyses over different time periods

What use is Business Intelligence?

These are the benefits that Business Intelligence allows you to achieve: 

High ROI
Lower costs/risks
Greater income/opportunities
Prompt decisions
Advantage over competitors

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